Whats the best way to create multiple burner numbers

Just wondering as my laptop is not really up to running a VM, but i would love to mess with some of these scummy scammers.

so really looking for a cheap service that will allow me to create burner numbers to make calls and receive texts.

Online guides havent really been much help.

thanks in advance

Welcome to scam baiting, David! You can use free services like textnow or others. Probably time I put a topic on this. If you need any tips pm me let’s chat!

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I have been using the older Freetone app. I have it on every device I can think of with a different number on each. I even use old cell phones that just have wifi on them.

Whats google voice like?

I had a look at a few of the freetext and freephone apps but they seem to be tailored to the US market not UK.

Since this is mainly just related to scambaiting i’m, moving this to scambait question.

Found a great little app called talkatone, free calls and texts to US numbers, burn a new number whenever you want and just put up with a few ads on the home screen.

Gave it a try yesterday works great.


As a self-employed business owner, I find that “Google Voice” to be an extremely reliable and powerful tool as well as to be very “feature rich”. I live here in the United States, but after having done a little research, I did find this link from Google that does state that you CAN make phone calls to both landlines and mobile phones in the UK! Here’s the link: