Where to go from here | Call center infiltration


So i’ve been using my virtual machine to purely fuck with and troll scammers for a while. Casually deleting files for refund / tech support scammers etc.

However, recently i’ve tried giving SSA Scammers a call, and the methods and other tactics they use are truly scary. While refund scammers and tech support scammers are AWFUL, they usually only take money once from victims and it’s not usually a permanent and long lasting effect. However, these SSA Scams I’ve seen steal ALL of the victims personal information like their social, what cars they drive, what their bank account is and how much they have in it, their address etc. They also make the victim send photo ID’s so they can truly complete the process and commit identity fraud.

So, where does that bring this topic; Well i’ve been keen to using a voice changer and acting like a damsel in distress to these scammers, and I’ve been baiting a particular call center for the last few days in order to obtain valuable information like their IP, phone numbers, location, internet service provider etc through IP Loggers and other methods, while still playing victim. They believe they have all of the fore mentioned information on my persona, “Yuri Retardaed” LOL, and have even given me their personal number to contact and inquire with extracting more and more information as the days go on, which I comply to with fake generated or photoshopped images of course.

I am new to actually trying to take down call centers like this, or at least set them back quite a bit. Where do I go from here? Like I said, I have their IP, Location, Phone Numbers, Internet Service Provider, and they still believe im a victim so I plan to continue “falling” for their scam to obtain more and more information. I’m sure most of you are better at this than me, so any and all advice on where to go from here for this scambait, and future scambaits would be great!

Also I will provide the IP and all my information except for their personal number as I want to still communicate with them, if allowed!