Will ProtonVPN and Text Now app be sufficient?

Im hoping to try some scam baiting on my lovely day off tomorrow but first I wanted to make sure Im good to go. I’m going to give ProtonVPN a try and i just signed up on Text Now for my phone. will just using the VPN and Text now on my phone protect me enough?

I simply use google voice.

Does the text now allow you change your number if you get blocked?

I believe it allows you to change your number every 15 days or something like that. I don’t know much about Google Voice, how does it work?

I have a FireRTC account, which i’ve had for ages and now use in Firefox (chrome is my main browser) and I use ProtonVPN for scambaiting aswell, TextNow only let you change your number if you haven’t been active on the account for a period of time. If you have a spare computer which you dont mind wiping and installing some VOIP software and get a little creative, you can be your own VOIP provider and change the number whenever you want (the same way that fire RTC let you did before they stopped account creation)

I very much like this idea. I do have spare computer. I will research VOIP software and see what I can do.

Any software you like in particular?

Thanks for the info!!

Google voice works fine for blocking my actual number. However to change my google voice number it cost $10 per number change.

Try PBX software or something like that, thats what I recommend