Windows license key 844-453-7555

Microsoft support called to let me know that my windows license key was expiring. I was not aware that I had a windows license key on my Apple computer. Ha ha


'Jason" got tired of talking to me very quickly

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Unfortunately my Mom got taken in by this scam, and they talked her into downloading something onto her computer. (I have explained to her that she should never do anything like this again.) They told her they would be “working on her computer for the next hour or so”.
Now her computer has become logged out, with the option to log in as “help 302 231 1340” [which is also a phone number they told her to call after calling her from the 844 number]. Can anyone advise me on what kind of damage control we need to do at this point?

If they put a password on it I would just re-install windows and if you can try this tut to get files off the pc -

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I’ll try that. Thanks a bunch.

i would use the method in getting into safe mode (windows 7), and modifing the system32 files there. If windows 10, use an iso, and modify it as well, it will allow you since you are using the SYSTEM account

Free windows password recovery:

Get a USB stick to create a bootable USB drive…

Download Rufus:

With Rufus, accept all of the defaults (MBR) and follow the directions on their website to change the Windows password.

There are MANY ways to recover a Windows password, but this is one method that will work…unless you’ve been SYSKEY’d (another story)