Windows popup scam 877-200-3293

Scammer number: 877-200-3293
Popup link:
Website: /
Any other scammer information:

NAME: Christopher Carr
EPID: MS210914R
CALL BACK: 502-801-8155

  • ip:“”,

  • city:“Panaji”,

  • region:“Goa”,

  • country:“IN”,

  • loc:“15.4957,73.8262”,


  • postal:“403101”,

  • timezone:“Asia/Kolkata”,

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Here is another one of his numbers: (206)-671-3450

Took over his account:

His Phone:
Device: 2311DRN14I
IMEI: 869173069518640
First registered: 23 January 2024




Oh here is his script:

% sudo spctl --master-disable___ enter
pass (enter)
go back to sec&pri
anywhere app

% sudo chmod -R 755 (drag app in terminal)
then open from down apps

Show Warnings - eventvwr.msc


viruses, worms, trojans, ransomware, adware

A network security breach is when an outsider finds a way to bypass your security to get inside your network. Once inside your system, they can gain unauthorized access to data, applications, and devices.

Cybercriminals may gain access to a target network by exploiting weaknesses IT assets like websites, operating systems, endpoints and commonly used software like Microsoft Office or web browsers. Once hackers locate a vulnerability, they will often use it to inject malware into the network. Spyware, which records a victim’s keystrokes and other sensitive data and sends it back to a command and control server that the hackers operate, is a common type of malware used in data breaches

Let me go ahead and check the error logs for you.

WIN+R - msinfo32 - Softevirment -
Do you think your computer is running slow?? Because the config that you have is really good!!
However the system is responding slow than that!!"

All this error are generated, whenever there is any issue with the device!! These error are generate automatically and stored here for diagnostic use. According to these errors, we can see the problems are with the driver due to which your screen froze,

let me go ahead and check the system drivers.

system drivers are those drivers which help your system software’s to run properly, without drivers any software will not be able to run. So these are the system drivers,

now let me check if they are working properly or not,
Now you can see more than half of your drivers are stopped, some of the driver are still running, due to which your computer is in running condition!!

Now do you see these drivers (Boot driver), these are the boot drivers from Microsoft they are in running conditions, however they are next in que to get stopped and you can see these are important Microsoft ACPI drivers, which help your computer to boot up. If these drivers will stop the computer will not boot up(turn on) and you can see the error control is critical. They can stop at any point of time. Now this could be the reason why windows defender program froze your computer!!

  • (System drivers - Running status -)
    Let me go ahead and check what caused these drivers to stop!!
    -Run CMD as admin - black window - (netstat -sp tcp)

Agent - How many devices are connected to your home network? Including your TV, smartphone, I pad or anything which is connected to your internet? The reason why I am asking you this is to make sure how many devices are on your home network.
Now do you see the current connections? (Highlight the current connections)
There are _ number of connection active on your home network.
That means there are other people connected to your network. Do you see the active connections?
Local address are the IP of your device which is working absolutely fine. It doesn’t have any issues.
however do you see these foreign address(Highlight foreign address)
Are you aware what are foreign addresses?

Foreign addresses are the addresses which do not belong to you!! With the word foreign you can understand that these address do not belong to our country. These could be the hackers attackers, intruders or unauthorized people who are trying to gain or attain access in your network, and you can see the state says established, that means these people have successfully established the connection with your device and network. Now that could be the reason why your drivers have stopped due to which your computer froze.

Phone line
netstat -a
netstat -r

Now let me go ahead and check, how these people were able to get into your device and network, if the security is working fine or not!!
(CLS - manage-BDE -status)

Agent - Now I got the problem, Do you see there is no security on your home network. Due to which these hackers have made changes and have stopped the drivers, So that they can easily go ahead and steal your information. Now let me check what all things are at risk.
Close CMD window
Open primary browser (chrome or Edge or Firefox)
click on 3 dots - settings - autofill(If chrome) Passwords(If edge) - Show cx info, passwords & financial info

Agent - Now do you see all these user IDs and the passwords?? All these are saved on cloud, do you see the eye in front of the password? by clicking on it, it will show your passwords, if there are any intruder in your network, they can easily go ahead and steal this information. your network, remove the foreign address, fix the errors & put the security back, once we do it













so it means, someone made illegal visit on www.p0rnhubDOTcom website from China using your identity and financial details. They have used your financial and personal details to download Child P0rnography which is a serious crime in the States. And illegal purchases made Your phone lines and network is hacked.
It also detected Clampi Virus in your computer.

As i can see here its a paid subscription website so it is mandatory to put in the financial information to log in there so could it be any of your family member who might have your financial information data

Alright, so you have checked your account and you didn’t find any suspicious charge right?

Okay. But still according to us, your data is under threat. So that’s our recommendation if you check the same thing with your bank.

Right now, you are on the NETWORK secured line as your phone lines are not secured so hackers may listen to your conversation and if they get to know that you are talking with your bank regarding this, they might get the access of your account right away.

Before connecting you with your bank,

I am telling you everything what you need to tell the bank. - Just say that there is a breach on your network and while scanning your network it seemed that your financial identity has been used, so please put high securities on my bank account and on cards too for next 48 hours. Tell them that your network is hacked. Phone lines are also hacked.
Now I will connect your call to the bank. Once the call is connected follow the IVR of the bank, and just try to talk to the banker or customer support executive.
Now please help me with the toll free number of your bank. Check the back side of your debit or credit card. There must be a toll free number. (Note down the name of the bank and number)
Alright now let me go ahead and connect you with the bank now. But once you will get connected from the secured line, I will automatically get disconnected as banks don’t allow 3 way conversations or call conference. Now please take a pen and paper to note down my name and employee id so that you can tell the banker to whom you were talking to from GLOBAL TECHNICAL SUPPORT

An IP address is a unique address that identifies a device on the internet or a local network. IP stands for “Internet Protocol,” which is the set of rules governing the format of data sent via the internet or local network.

Your IP address is essential for sending and receiving information online. But if a hacker knows your IP address, they can use it to seize valuable information about you. Using it as a starting point in a broader attack, they could hack your device or intercept your online traffic

Every IP address has thousands of ports, and without proper security measures, a hacker who has your IP can use various techniques to compromise your network and gain unauthorized access. If they manage to connect to your device, they could take it over and steal your data stored on it. Or they could infect your device with malware and continue their hacking activities in secret


A telltale sign your phone is hacked is if you notice new and unfamiliar changes to the settings of your device. For instance, if you notice that your camera or microphone permissions have been altered, it could be due to hackers trying to monitor your actions. If you find that privacy and security settings have been changed, this is a major red flag that your phone has been compromised.

High data usage
unknown text or call
random popup like ADS
Strange looking websites
Reduce performance
Over heating phone
Unreconized Apps
Severe Battery drain

Hackers can use it to steal your phone data, calls SMS, access your social media accounts, and take control of your devices. Here are some ways hackers can use your phone number: Steal your identity: Hackers can use your phone number to impersonate you and commit fraud

Public Wifi

One of the greatest risks of using public Wi-Fi is having your identity stolen. If you’re not using a virtual private network (VPN) to hide your information, hackers could easily discover enough information about you to create targeted cyberattacks and phishing emails, search for your passwords on the Dark Web, or break into your online accounts.

At a minimum, hackers can snoop you over public Wi-Fi and discover:

Location data about where you’ve been recently.
Personal information such as your interests, job, and marital status.
Detailed financial information about your bank and credit accounts.


His protected text page, I do not know the password:


I wonder how/why all scammers have the same script that (for whatever reason) needs to include pr0n hub and child pr0n in it?

Hope this call center gets burned to the ground, maybe with a few scammers locked in there as well.

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Yeah Indian scammers have some sort of fascination with it almost, weird as fuck.

may 16 2024 15:20EDT called was sent to voice mail and left a Happy Sikkim Day message

Amazing destruction you did to these scammers! Did you also MEMZ’d them? :chicken: