Windows refund scam - (844) 453-1414

Number: (844) 453-1414

Sent out a few cation calls on Windows cancellation department to notify you that your subscription for Windows firewall security of your computer is going to get expired pretty inventive for hours and $399.00 will be charge and will be automatically deducted from the bank account it really she can sell or a new to subscription then press want to transfer the call to do next available agent who will help you with a cancellation a renewal.


These guys get super mad and are super fun to mess with haha

He had this number pasted on his taskbar: 877-220-3493

There fake tech help site:

His AnyDesk: 791337101


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Most fun I had messing with scammers for a long time. Either their number is down now or they are gone for the night as now it just brings me to their voice mail. I called them for 5 hours straight and they started to REALLLY hate me.

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the called me back from 8185274107 and 4083386458

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Hey, I’m new to this site and the scene and gotta say this is some fun. This is the first number I’ve ever got working and I thought I’d share my cherry poppin experience since I’m new and you guys might get a laugh (won’t do this every time as I’m sure this is a bit too lengthy) :man_shrugging:

Called the number and got an Indian woman. She asked for my name. Saaaam Wilkins with a solid country accent (obv not my real name or accent). On hold for a bit then she said a technician would call me back at my number.

Waited 10 minutes and didn’t get a response so I called them back. Asked why I haven’t gotten a call. Heard the dude in the background say, “Yeah yeah, I’m getting there.” Explained I need to get to work in 30 minutes so I can’t wait much longer.

Another 10 minutes pass. I call them again. This time it’s a guy (probably the one in the background). “YES I was JUST ABOUT to CALL YOU.”
“Ok jeeze, I just gotta go to work in a bit.”
“Well I can go ahead and help you out right now. Is your computer on?”
“Is it a desktop or a laptop?”
“Ok, do you see a button that says, update your security?”
“No? What? I just got a phone message (repeated a few things in the OP message). So I don’t see that.”
“Ok, so what I need you to do is look at the bottom-left of your keyboard and there should be a button that reads C-T-R-L.”
(wow, he thinks I’m really dumb)
“Yes, control.”
“Ok, there’s a button right next to that which looks like some squares which is the windows key.”
“Alright, but it ain’t no windows key. I got one o’ them Roccat keyboards so it’s a cute little kitty instead. I just love this keyboard. So cool how they changed that key to their logo or whatever.”
“Yes, yes (annoyed) now I need you to press that button with one finger. While you are holding that button down reach up and press the R button but don’t let go of your other finger.”

It pulls up Run “Ok, you can let go of your fingers now”
He tells me letter-by-letter and with full phonetics “iexlbore” Yes, that’s not a typo. He literally spelled it out wrong. After the error pops up he says I typed it in wrong and corrects me for the right IE window.

Then he asks me to download and install supremo which I do. He asks for my number. I confirm that it’s going to “let him fix whatever’s wrong with my computer by gettin’ in there and doing your thang?” He agrees.

At that point I FLIP to my regular straight accent and talk normally.
“Ok, so we aren’t going to go any further here because I don’t have a virtual machine set up. Get a real job you dumbass. You’ve been struck.”

“You… mother… f*cker” :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Isn’t it crazy that just because I spoke with a fake southern drawl he thought I was a total and complete idiot? Hope you thought this was as funny as I did!


yea these guys are a bunch a rude mudarchodes XD.


They don’t like lewd anime girl image and people with daddy issues.