Windows Support 844-702-3287

Got a couple voicemails from this number today. Tekneeson that called was ‘Frank’. Active as of now.


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Dat sexy toll free number lol I might give em a call and mess around with them


Please do! I’m still on the line with Kevin. He’s holding as I check the email verification on my phone😜 If you upload a video give me props bro, teehee.

says he wants me to send him a screenshot of the popup that i made up, he sounded angry. XD

called them and gave them “my network is blocked” reason, they lied and said they dont do that …he wanted me to sens a screenshot to [email protected]
so if someone cam PS the number into a popup that would be super

I received a call from 844-453-7555 - my windows license key is expiring. I was not aware that I had a windows license key on my Apple computer.

Hey, @IRS-Retired For posting numbers and such please create it in a new topic and not as a reply :smiley: You can do this by going to the home page and clicking “New Topic” in the upper right corner.

Okay - I will do that.

it seems the website they make you go to is

and the phone number is 1-888-882-1755 there

and some more is Toll Free : 844-442-4430 (I called and rn I think its a liget compeny and they gave me a website )
Helpline : 607-358-5929

all found on that site they gave me
and it seems a older dead site they had was

found out that this is a refund scammer as well