Windows support alert popup



The robotic voice on the popup says that if you close the popup they will alert your local authorities.

Number: +1-888-421-2999

Link: hxxps://

If you go to you can see the popup and it looks like it was last edited or updated on 2018-09-30.


Popup scammers still active

Too bad many people will fall for that one, even though the cops don’t give a crap if you got a virus. But some people get the “illegal operation” message and think they’re in actual legal trouble, no joke, I’ve gotten calls because of that.


Yeah that’s true but hopefully the popup gets reported and shutdown so they can’t scam anyone else in the future.


This number is still up I am talking to the scammer now. Same steps windows key and r, then he bring me to fast support. Ha this remote software does not work on my VM only team viewer workers on my vm. Lol he got pissed shut them down boys :slight_smile: