Windows tech support scammers - (844) 520-6222

Number: (844) 520-6222


Msg they leave:
We are calling from Windows security team we have noticed suspicious activities from your network it seems like someone is trying to steal your identity username password and financial information you are advised to be in front of computer and call that 184-452-0622 extension 2 as soon as possible otherwise we have to lock your network and discontinue your services please be in front of the computer and call that 184-452-0622 extension 2 thank you.

Talking to them now this scammer wants me to hit windows key and letter r which we all know is run box. iexplore so this scammer does not know the name of his own site which scammer revolts put in then when I said the page can’t be displayed he hung up which was weird. But if u click on the link above you can see what the site is all about enjoy they are active.

This number is still active.

New website:

I’ve been having a lot of fun with these guys today.

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Today the number rings for a bit then it hangs me up