Windows vm for VirtualBox

I have a windows VM setup for scam baiting. I was wondering if it would help some other people? The only thing is you need to remove the guest additions program from the system so that scammers can’t tell if its a VM but besides that it’s great!
I have already changed the bios to look like a normal computer so doing system info will return normal looking data.

If someone wants it then just let me know and I’ll add a link to download it
EDIT: Here you are! MEGA

User daivd
password - password


I would love a copy of it, I am actually going to setup mine again tonight but If you have one already setup that would make it much more of a speedy process. :] thanks!

Hi, been watching this on you tube. Is there a guide video for setting up a Virtual PC? I am like a Cow with a shotgun when it comes to tech. I have lots of free time and would love to fcuk with these sh1ts.

Plenty of tutorials on YouTube, first look up how to set up a virtual machine, the. How to make a stealthy vm.

We have tutorials listed here: How to make a VM with VMware Workstation pro 15! | How to make a VM with Virtualbox - #13 by PichuGamerYT


Thanks for getting back. I will look at the link after some sleep, been watching your videos and the guy with Edna and laughing my ass off.
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Any chance you can throw this on a faster host? Its telling me about 10 Hours until completed.

What is the password - user is Dave…

yeah need password dude…

Worked it out - password…

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Lol sorry… I have been working and haven’t had the time to look at the form… Forgive me.
Yes, the password is password.

Hi! I have Issues opening your File with VMware Workstation 15

Its giving me this error: Error while converting to a virtual machine: Line 70: Unsupported element ‘StorageItem’.

Line 79: Unsupported element ‘StorageItem’.

Line 88: Unsupported element 'EthernetPortItem

Do you know how I can resolve that Issue? what program are you using?

You are probably better off getting the windows iso and installing from scratch if your having issues.

From a quick google -

What’s different about this VM image compared to a blank install? What does it add?