[WORKING NOW 1-833-662-0351] Found another "Windows Tech Support"

So I found this page that had an error on it . The link was a subdomain off of amazon web servers with the name child****alert. yada.yada (I’m not posting the link). It had the phone number and I just called it. Automated answer saying “press 1 to talk to support” on repeat. After pressing 1. a man asweres “Hello, Thank you far contacting Microsoft Support.” I hung up after that. They keep calling me back from other numbers. So have fun.

Weird, it doesn’t seem to be working, anymore. Or at least not for me. I’m using TextNow on my phone and it just rings one time and says “There was an error connecting your call. Error route does not exist.”

That means the number is dead, or offline. Sometimes you will see a number you think it’s dead, than couple days later you ring it again and it’s active. but at this time, popups are offline. I find popups daily, windows and apple, and I think cutoff of getting popups is 6:00 est. But the numbers stay active in answering later than that if nobody floods it.

oh yeah I got this one today

people should get screenshots of the popups, if possible because scammers tell you to read it out.


Yeah, that’s the exact one. Could prob get it reported to Amazon and they will remove it. But that wont stop the scammer from making another one.

Hi I’m new to scam baiting is their cutoff time 6 PM EST or 6 AM EST?

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