Yet another microsoft refund

Called me at 2:19 pm CST 11-17-2019 from number 855-229-3358 get him guys before i got hung up on i got him to admit he was from Pakistan

Many Indians will say they are in Pakistan, Afghanistan, etc, because they think it throws us off their trail… and they really hate those places (especially Pakistan) and would not mind if we falsely blame the places they hate.

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They’re active and not very good. I just wasted an hour of their time.

Tried to use a Google Form. Reported it.

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lol they called me again and i agreed to talk to them and as soon as he said Microsoft i said “Can I ask you a question, do you know people kill them selves cause of scammers like you” He didn’t know and said he is from Bangladesh and hates lying to his family saying he has a good job… So that was 30 mins of his time i took making him feel like a POS that he is.