You are awesome 541 363 7462

Notice how that scammers shut down before 5 PST? you are doing an awesome job either baiting or harassing ! the number listed above is my voice mail for sub station 27 …call it and do a shout out to yourself or whose ever ! I will use you word mouth sounds and mix it into the next episode of oOvernight Express on Panda Radio … in time we will no longer have to share shit like this and be above the scam! yes it will suck to not have fun with scam waterheads , but that is the point! NO MORE THEFT <<>> NO MORE waking up at random hours because some fucktard has called claiming you monies are in trouble…call my station and do a shout out for yourself so I can mix it down into awesomeness for my next broadcast …
Screenshot 2023-05-01 001233

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