"Your Phone has a Virus"

Not exactly a tech support scam but it’s a popup saying I have a virus (to get me to download an app that probably doesn’t do shit) so I thought I’d post it https://devappadsweb.pw/46c09975-0a35-47c1-963e-54eb3c46a27d/e29481e9-a792-46a8-bbf0-188ed2a816ae/?brand=LG&btd=dHJrLm1vYmlsZXRvcDIwMTh0ZWNoaWUueHl6&exptoken=MTU1NDc4MTkzMjQ3MA%3D%3D&lang=en&model=X+Charge&td=dHJrLnR3ZWx2ZS10cmllZC1iZXNpZGUtcG93ZXIueHl6L3ByY2VlZA#

Hi, this is the wrong category to post this. Please make sure you post in the right category when posting, I have moved this on for you.

Thanks, I am new here so I wasn’t sure where to put it