08/15/2023 - Amazon Phishing Scam

Scammer number: N/A

Scammer website: IONOS » Hosting Provider | Websites. Domains. Server.

Scammer email from: account-reܿvܿܿisiܿܿσܿܿnܿܿ@aܿmܿaܿzܿoܿnܿ.cܿoܿm[email protected]

Any other scammer information:
Email with a PDF with a link out to the site above.

Scammer email attachment:
Oh no, your Account on hold due to a billing issue
Update Payment Information
Hello Customer,
We weren’t able to process billing payment due to a problem with your card.
This means your account are on hold.
Please update your payment information within the next 48 hours to continue.
Thank you,
Amazon Customer Service