What to do with dead numbers! [Information] (3)

Iv noticed many people responding to dead numbers on the forum so I’m making to post so people know what to do when they run into a dead scammer number. If you find a dead number, Please don’t reply to it as it spams th…

Solve your questions! [Information] (3)

For the topics: https://techscammersunited.com/c/scammers/Scambait-question https://techscammersunited.com/c/Tech-Related/Tech-Question You can now choose the best answer that solved your question! 2:

Welcome to TSU [General] (5)

:loudspeaker: Welcome everyone to TSU :loudspeaker: We share information about scammers, talk about tech related subjects, and much more. Please check out the site rules here: Tsu rules information If you would like …

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