Getting started with scambaiting! - A Guide


Hello! So you want to get into Scambaiting but I’m guessing you don’t really know where to start ey? Well, welcome to my little guide to help you get started with scambaiting! Scambaiting needs to be taken seriously as scammers may try and use your own information against you so always make sure to never give a scammer any of your real information, let them on your real PC, or call them with your real phone number (This includes using *67).

1. Calling scammers

You will need to be able to safely call scammers, and are both free services that will assign you a phone number that you can use to call and receive calls from scammers. If you are in an unsupported country, try signing up with text now on a phone or PC running a VPN and you should be able to get a number. if you are interested in self hosting your phone system here is a video by NetworkChuck that should get you started($ for hardware will be required): the Raspberry Pi PHONE SYSTEM! (3CX PBX at home).

2. Creating a VM

You will need a VM for baiting scammers, here are tutorials for creating a VM with VMware and Virtualbox - VMware: How to make a VM with VMware Workstation pro 15! Virtualbox: How to make a VM with Virtualbox. For both of these tutorials you can really use any version of windows you want, actually setting up the VM should be the same. Here is how you can have your VM match your real computer system info to help stop scammers from detecting the fact that it is a VM: How to make a VMware Virtual Machine match host system info(VMware only).

3. Getting a VPN

VPNs! So since scammers will be going onto your VM it’s best to run a VPN on your host PC to hide your real IP address from scammers. Here are some VPNs I recommend:

4. Creating false information

Now obviously you don’t want to tell scammers your real name and information! You would want to use fake information that does not lead back to your real identity, for this you can use sites that generate fake information to use when baiting scammers. Here are some sites for this: Fake address generator, Fake person generator, Random SSN generator, Temp email 1, Temp email 2. All these sites generate information that you can use when scambaiting, if you are using the fake information generators just make sure you match the address area code to your scambait phone number, or else that will let them know you are lying to them.

5. Finding scammers

Now that you have a setup for scambaiting you are going to need numbers to call! The obvious best place to get numbers is here on TSU, haha but there are some other ways of finding scammers. Phone scams and robocalls. Who's calling me? Page 1 and are apps that block spammers and scammers but luckily they post these numbers publicly which allows Scambaiters like us to go through these numbers and find scammers to call, these sites get thousands of new numbers each day which means it’s an awesome source for finding scammer numbers. Also looking up “AOL support number” or “Microsoft tech support 24/7” on google and putting the results to the last week or 24hrs may give you some scammer sites to find. Now for finding popup scammers, the best way is by typing typosquatted domains over and over until one comes up like in this video: How to find scammer popups in 2018!. The video is a couple of years old now but the idea is the same, here is an updated list of typosquatted domains: List of typosquatted domains 3/25/20 (Find popups). As for finding typosquatted domains Dnstwist is a good tool to find registered misspelled domains and testing them for popups, here is a video on it: Generate Phishing Domains Easily with Dnstwist [Tutorial].


I hope this little guide to getting started is helpful! Remember to NEVER give scammers your personal information and also that not everyone who sounds a certain way is a scammer, make sure you have some sort of evidence or proof they are scammers so you don’t harass innocent people, if you need any help getting started, feel free to DM me, but other than that have fun baiting!

With love, ScammerRevolts :heart:

If you have been scammed, please contact the payment provider used and make a report to your local authorities! Scambaiters are individuals and not a recognized authority so please don’t go to them for help with a scam incident!

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