How to make a VM with VMware Workstation pro 15!

So I originally wrote my How to make a VM with Virtualbox post 2 years ago and never did a VMware version and I think it’s about time for me to make one! [I now have a video version to follow along with this -]

What you will need:

  1. VMware - Download VMware Workstation Pro
  2. Windows 7 Iso - Download, You can also use windows 10 for this tutorial, same steps but windows 10 instead of 7, here is a Windows 10 ISO download: Windows10.
  3. Some time lol
  • For the VMware install you just have to go through the typical setup and don’t have to make any changes in the installer.

  • Once you get VMware installed you will get a page that looks like this:

You just need to click the “Create a new Virtual Machine” button to get started!

  • A msg will come up asking if you want to do “typical” or “custom”, For this tutorial, we are just going to go with they “typical” option.

  • Next, you will get a few options for the install of the operating system, for this just choose the “I will install the operating system later.” option.

  • For your operating system choose “Microsoft Windows” and then for the version choose “Windows 7 x64”, That should look like this here:

  • For the name, you can put whatever you want. This is the same case for the location, Put it wherever you want or just leave it as default.

  • For the hard disk I recommend, 60 - 100 for a scambait VM for it doesn’t look un-legit to a Tech support scammer. Then choose “Split virtual disk into multiple files”.

  • After that VMWare will choose the rest of the hardware options itself and now you just need to click “finish”.

  • Now your VM will popup BUT WAIT! we are not done yet, We still need to mount the ISO we downloaded at the start of this tutorial.

  • Click on “Edit virtual machine settings” as seen here:

  • Then select “CD/DVD (SATA)”

  • On the right side, a few things will show up. Select “use ISO image file” then click “Browse”

  • A windows file explorer will come up[ and now you will need to go to the directory where you saved your ISO files at and select it. Then just click “okay” when done.

  • Now just click “Power on this virtual machine” and boom you are good and it should start the Windows 7 installer! From then on you just install as if you were on a normal computer!

If you liked the tutorial check out my VirtualBox tutorial here!: How to make a VM with Virtualbox

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Great guide SR thanks. I would like to know how longer do you think Windows 7 should be used for baiting? - I am new but went straight to using Win10 which is fine but problematic when trying to hide trojans and such like.

Keep up the awesome work - NC

Id say probably for another year, scammers use the operating system and don’t seems to want to stop using it anytime soon.

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@ScammerRevolts Just wanna say you are a legend my lovely! I came across you on you tube yesterday and have literally watched hours of your material since…,and roared with laughter along the way… absolute legend! You’ve inspired me to try this myself. Not feeling confident on how to even start yet but im gonna have a dig around at material here to see if there is a beginners guide… have you written and noobs guide to anti scamming? Keep up the awesome work… you are a legend, much respect

Ps you gotta give me list of the rude words you use in what i guess is hindi…

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The windows 7 iso isnt working for me. The web page times out

I have just tested it out myself and it is still working for the windows 7 iso download.

I just clicked on your getintopc link, and got this

maybe you should call a microsoft tech support number? huehuehue

nah this website is fine. had no problems whatsoever to get the iso and install it.

I’m confused on this part on the ISO files. What should I have there? Or what should I select from there?

You would select the ISO file that you downloaded in step 2 under “what you will need”.

Ah oki ^^ thanks :+1:

Thank you for the guide Pappy Scammer Revolts. I’m setting one up tonight when I get home from work.

cheers for the tutorial now im going to fuck with scammers and try to get there files hehehahahaha