Got my new Virtual Machine to scam scammers

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Good job. Remember to remove vmware tools and perform a msinfo32, systeminfo and a few registry searches for vmware (due to the gfx card name, hard drive name etc).

So the scammers dont detect its a VM and dont forget a VPN.

Any chance you could share your VM with the community on a download site like ? Thanks

Its probably easier to make your own:

VMWARE - How to make a VM with VMware Workstation pro 15!


Virtualbox - How to make a VM with Virtualbox

I ended up doing so - thanks

Awesome! Just remember to never share any real information with them or log into any of your accounts on the virtual machine! GL on Scambaiting! :grinning:

Have fun scam baiting!


I like your username @Scam_Killer

Unique, isn’t it???

Thx dude