$100 gift card scam

So I came across this number they claim that you’ve won $100 gift card. Give em hell boys. ‪866-282-6222


They are active they want your information such as first name, last name city, state and zip, they $4.95 a time shipping charge and processing fee. Then they want to know your credit card info. Now I am listening CONF number 19052314135884. Then hung up they dumb they did not know how to spell Charles

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I called the number , they responded , when they responded i was like " hello ? " and out of nowhere i hear this weird ass sound like a dog whistle or like some one playing a flute or some type of shit like that , i asked nicely for my “100$ gift card” but the weird sound kept playing and everytime i would say a single word the sound would play immediately , and then I hung up , tried calling them back again , they never answered…

David picked up and thanked me for calling :laughing:

It transferred me to one of those medical alert companies. I spent about 45 minutes pretending to be an old man amazed at the advancement of western technology.


Hahahaha I just did the same thing :joy::joy::joy:

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Too funny last week I had them on the phone for 45 minutes.

Me and my brother called them being marvel superheros i was steve rogers chilling with my buddy tony stark