18332626808 microsoft refund scam

He randomly called my grandpa. didnt realize it was a scam til he told my grandpa he paid for tech support and was getting a refund. Mess with this dude. Sorry if i did something wrong with the post first time posting

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Managed to delete some of his files. Since then I have been spam calling them ever 30 seconds. Got a few rage filled benchodes telling me they’re gonna f*ck my mom and dad.

They will be a bit wary though so be careful. They’ll try to make you use Supremo, I pulled the ‘Internal Error’ on them and so they used AnyDesk. Most likely won’t fall for it again.

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Active I just called he wanted me to go to ultra viewer so I told him to spell it out so every letter I said something in Hindi and then he just went off on me so I spoke back in Hindi lol then he so raged it was super funny.


I’ve been calling them for over 3 hours

When you call them say that you are a telephone technician and then tell them that you have noticed a very high amount of line usage and that the phone lines are being shut down.

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I have been working on these guys for an hour and keep getting all the way to them trying to connect to supremo and then they hang up and it starts all over. I finally got one of them to give me their ID after my password wouldn’t work for them, and I connected to his desktop, but I heard one guy shout “unplug” and it locked up before I could do anything. I did get a screenshot of his desktop including victims numbers and will call them to warn them.