2024-03-22 GeekSquad $266.25 Refund Scam | +1-850-846-9175

Scammer number: +1 (850) 846-9175
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: McAfee
Any other scammer information:

FROM: [email protected]
DATE - TIME: 03/22/2024 - 11:08 AM
SUBJECT: [URG] Auto_Upgraded for Geek_Subscription with id.#003643634GD
TO: [email protected]


Your 12-Month subscription keeps us going strong!

  • Member Receipt ID: #646443GSD
  • Service License: 634S-DHJS-6745-BNSH-436S
  • Date: Friday March 22, 2024
  • Annual subscription: ACTIVE

Dear customer,
[Priority] regarding for Customer ID: #35235332SD We appreciate having a premium membership with us. Based on the digital signature that you submitted when the software initially installed, the premium plus plan has been automatically applied to your application/software.


  • Invoice No: IN0253234D
  • Invoice Amount: $266.25 USD
  • Authorization Code: AZ7235353D
  • Trans. ID: #RT25323SD
  • Term: 12-Month
  • Charged On: Pay-PAL

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I called from 3 different numbers and went straight to voicemail. Let’s go!