2024/03/27 GeekSquad $413.99 Refund Scam | +1-833-840-2882

Scammer number: +1-833-840-2882
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: GeekSquad
Any other scammer information:

FROM: Hadi Fadi Nassredine [email protected]
DATE - TIME: 03/27/24 - 2:43 DST
SUBJECT: Your Personal Home Subscription 0rder has been received [#36451]


Order ID: FHB35621
Placed on: Today

Your membership request has been successfully placed. The membership fund was charged from the card linked with your malware account. The charged amount of 413.99 USD will be reflected in your a/c within the next 24 hours. Thank you for being a customer of GS Security Services.

Billed To

  • Customer ID Number: 52112521
  • Invoice Number: KGH-6231520
  • Renewal Date: Today
  • Description: GS Protection Security Service 3yr Subscription
  • Tenure: 3yr Subscription
  • Unit Price: 413.99 USD
  • Total: 413.99 USD

If you did not authorize this charge, you have 24 hours. To cancel and get an instant refund of your three-year subscription, to cancel the subscription, reach us at the numbers below.

To reach our customer service, connect at: 1.833.840.2882.
Thanks, and Regards - Billing Department


Wanted to connect to these two sites. Gonna try to get them on AnyDesk and go for the delete but they seem suspicious.



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Let me know how you make out.

Very suspicious about the callers. One guy told me to us www.remotepc.com and other anydesk. awesun.com

It’s 11:31am is anyone getting through?... I think they stopped answering……

They think I’m pierogi calling…lol

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I was just on 833-840-2882 at 11:29am

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Not answering and I switched numbers.

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