2024-04-03 GeekSquad $349.99 Refund Scam | +1-888-413-6676

Scammer number: +1-888-413-6676
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: PayPal
Any other scammer information:

FROM: gu wilkins [email protected]
TO: [email protected]
DATE - TIME: 04/3/2024 - 8:01 AM DST
SUBJECT: Payment Received: 349.99 USD Has Been taken from your account for Geek Membership Renewal ID_{KKCKD}_44CX465687690

Geek Squad

Order Id: 116-654-5564

Your Order Confirmation

Dear Customer, Your personal subscription GEEK SQUAD CARE will expire today. This subscription will be Auto-Renew as per plan selected at your end. Please Review your purchased summary below.

Your bank statement will show the charge:

Our Customer Support: +1(888) 413-6676

Payment Information

  • Ordered item(s): GeekSquad Premium ( 5 PC Support, )
  • Unit Price: 349.99 USD
  • Total: 349.99 USD
  • Sales Tax / VAT 00.00 USD
  • Grand Total 349.99 USD

Your Bank Card (xxxxxxxxxxxxx) has been successfully authorized. The charge on our bank statement will appear as GeekSquad.

Terms & Conditions:_
We send you this email to inform you that your service has expired and your subscription has been renewed today. so, you have been charged $349.99 for Geek Squad protection. Amount has been auto debited from your Bank Account and it will reflect into your bank account statement within 24 hours.

Having trouble with this invoice?
My Account is the best way to manage your GeekSquad subscription and adjust your email communication settings. If you purchased directly from GeekSquad, you can also use your GeekSquad account to view your invoice and update payment information.

Thanks & Regards GeekSquad Support LLC.
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PLEASE DO NOT REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. This is an automated alert, and its source mailbox is not monitored.

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Got the scammer on the phone for 15 minutes. He had me open ‘Event Viewer’ to show me all the viruses running and how this came with the purchase of my PC. I pulled the old Connect Wise won’t connect to:


He then wanted to connect to Supremo but my spelling must have been to bad for even this scammer so he hung up and blocked me.

Let’s go!


using CW, Supremo and Anydesk