2024-04-03 PayPal $843.99 Refund Scam | +1-646-760-5403

Scammer number: +1-646-760-5403
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: PayPal
Any other scammer information:

FROM: [email protected]
DATE - TIME: 04-03-24 - 10:27 AM DST
SUBJECT: Your receipts have been updated 669059
Hello [REDACTED], Thank you for your business. Your invoice can be viewed, printed and downloaded as PDF from the link below. Happy writing!
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Sale receipt date: Wednesday, 03 April 2024 CST 08:27
Sale receipt no: OPEX-8728-WIX

PayPal has shipped!

Exciting news! Your order, FWB4556WL33223UG, is on its way to you. Here are your tracking details:

Seller details:

  • Seller: PayPal
  • Product: Mining Shiba Inu Cloud
  • Qyt: 0.063
  • Shipping Charge: Free
  • Order Total: $843.99
  • Tracking Number: 29-770-4462
  • Carrier: PayPal
  • Expected Delivery Date: Wednesday, 03 April 2024

Customer details
Wallet address: 0e4a2d73-c6a7-42c7-a9e5-2a9b0d534aee

You can track the progress of your shipment by visiting the PayPal website and entering your tracking number. Here is the link to track your package: tracking

If you have any questions or encounter any issues with tracking your package, please contact our customer service team at 1-646-760-5403.

Thank you once again for choosing PayPal. We appreciate your business and hope you enjoy your purchase!

Happy writing!
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