(209) 340-4532 Refund scam

Your customer your computer protection package will be auto renewed as part of description and your account will be auto deputed by $499.00 to cancel your subscription and to claim your refund Collatz back onto 893404532 I repeat it is (209) 340-4532 thank you.

I got two pissed off answers, being called a madorchode. The third time I called them, they connected me with someone else, a confused sounding person with an American accent who was probably in their teens. I guess they thought he was one of the people messing with them, he says they answered the phone by saying “behnchode” then immediately connected him to me, I guess he was actually just a confused kid. I basically explained to him that this was a scam and how it works then wished him well.

I’ve called them off a few text now numbers though and it won’t even go into “ringing” I think we might have made em change their number boys. Good work.