3 refund scammers numbers


Number: (424) 219-7549

Hi this is the notification call from Geek Squad services you have been charged 299 dollars from your Visa card for the renewal of your McAfee antivirus protection if you wish to cancel this transaction please press one or for process this payment please press 0 or hang up this call please press 8 thank you.

Number: (855) 948-3769

This is the sign of reminder for your account it will be debited with $399.99 for the renewal of the computer services for the next 3 years once again if you wish to cancel the subscription please call us 185-594-8376 extension 9 repeating again 855-948-3769 thank you.

Number: (833) 231-4407

Timur this call is from your firewall support team as your computer service subscription will be auto renewed there will be auto deduction $299.00 from your bank account in case you do not want to get charges please call back us to this toll free number to cancel your subscription.


Any British numbers? Or you just post U S ones?

Well Iā€™m not in the uk so most everything that I myself post will be us numbers.