(407) 669-9335 - Is this a type of scam?

Hi, everyone!

For some reason, this number and one other have texted me about an apparent “weight loss program” that “promises” I’ll lose weight. They sent me a link to a blog regarding the topic, but I’m not quite sure whether this is supposed to get money, information, or if it’s just there to waste my time. The link they gave me leads to the website below.


I hope you can inform me on whether this link is legitimate, or whoever created it is just a fraud. Thanks in advance!

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From what I can tell, this link, from the URL, is already is a fraud. If they’re texting you links to sites you don’t know about, they’re trying to sell you a solution you don’t need. Easily, they’re trying to waste your time. They just happen to copy paste a link from Today, and put it on their fraud site.

You can safely block the sender to prevent any more of these getting into your messages.

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the root directory has no index page, allowing you to see several pages spoofing news sites and blogs

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Okay, thanks! I’m glad I reported them!