501-604-4253 SSA Scam

Hello, This message is fully intended for you. My name is Officer Williams from Social Security Administration. We have been tested to serve you with the certified documents and a warrant that is attached to your name and your social security number. We have scheduled to serve you the warrant Tomorrow from 3 to 5 pm. If we are not able to gain your signature at that time, we will then have to serve you at your local Sheriff Department at which point media and law enforcement will also be involved. If you fail to appear at the Sheriff’s Department, this case will be prosecuted without you, and your benefits will be suspended for any questions prior to the arrival of documents. You have one last chance to contact our Department of Social Security Administration and the number is 501-604-4253. I repeat it is 501-604-4253 extension 5 this call. You have been officially notified. Thank you.

This scam center is located in New Delhi. Several openers are Nigerians who are operating there. One Indian scammer (closer) has fake name Rajive Mathur and another is fake Uttam Dhillon. Nigerians fake names: Julie Smith, Jack Thomas and Nancy Wall. There are about 5000 Nigerians in Delhi, mostly honest students but some do scam.