(509) 524-9610 ssa

This call is from Social Security Administration. The nature behind this call is to inform you about a suspension nudist we have received against your social security number regarding fraudulent activities running in the state of Washington. So we need to talk to you as well as possible. I repeat the call the from Social Security Administration, the number to reach our Department is 509-524-9610. I read that as 509-524-9610. Thank you.
said there was an arrest warrant out for my arrest, he said there was 30 lbs of cocaine found where they think it was at a car that they think I was in or something
when he asked how many bank account I have, I told him 37 and he said “37?” I told him yup I do fraud sometimes, and he asked me how many credit cards I have and I told him 16 but I couldn’t hold in the laugh and started laughing like crazy n he hung up XD