844-567-0200 microsoft defender

Scammer number: 844-567-0200
Scammer website: N/A
Fake service they are refunding: microsoft
Any other scammer information:

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Using anydesk and call back from ‪(323) 989-2057‬

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the word accounts spelled wrong on the pop up HAHAHAHA


Nobody ever gave these idiots credit for being smart and that’s yet another reason.

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another cb number 971-248-5201


There no fun now. They’re so quiet when I call them. Not even a nice rage. Let’s go!

they just called me a son of a bitch, I keep asking them why their mother failed to teach them right from wrong.

I’ve been harassing these jabones for the last 2 hrs on all their #'s. I can’t believe they’re still answering at 4am.

Still active today 4/2

I still can’t believe they haven’t shut their number down yet. Their device should have been unbootable by now since these scammers are doing no justice to Microsoft Defender :chicken:

You guys are right, the numbers still active. The Chodes wanted to connect on AnyDesk.