(844) 753-0863 Amazon Refund

This call is from Amazon customer support. This is to notify you regarding your todays purchase on Amazon dot com. You have been charged $379.99 on your Visa card. If you have made this purchase on Amazon dot com and recognize it, then simply hang up and your order will be delivered to you. However, if you have not made any such transaction, you can call Amazon support right away. 184-475-3086 Extension 3 again, the number is 844-753-0863. Thank you.

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Their phones are going off like crazy! XD

This is a big group, at least 6-7 scammers in one small room.

I call them and say nothing, and they are getting frustrated… XD

Gonna ask for the head of the gaandu division

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I think they shut it off for now, can anyone confirm?

Yeah I tried to call, and it immediatly got hung up, I think we got em.

Great! :relieved:
@KingJamis1 All hail the king…

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still active im on phone right now, they probably blocked y’all XD

Just called and got through. Ask them to pull up your Amazon order history. Its hilarious the mental gymnastics

they asked me to pull up a fake amazon web page called amazontrackmyorder.us which brings you to the fake page that says support and refund and then they tell u to hit support after that they ask you to either click on team viewer or anydesk

Thanks, I was in the pharmacy so I wasn’t on my dextop. Good to know!