I’ve been called 6-7 times in the last 3 days by this number. No matter whether you answer or they leave a voicemail, you hear a recorded message about getting charged tomorrow for service. You call them back and get someone from ‘Microsoft Windows Cancellation and Refund Department’. They offer you a refund of $249 (it has ranged from $149-299 depending on the person) or to charge you that amount to continue using their services (sometimes they claim it’s McAfee, sometimes Norton, sometimes Java lol). I’ve called them back a bunch of times and messed with them, but don’t have the experience or computer availability to syskey or memz them. I’m usually able to waste 5-15 minutes of their time before they yell at me. Sometimes they claim they can’t hang up on me, other times they tell me I’m wasting their time and they hang up.
Hope you guys can have some fun with them.