(844) 973-3749 Amazon Refund

Dear Customer, this call is from Amazon customer support. This is to notify you regarding your todays purchase on Amazon dot com. You have been charged $379.99 on your Visa card. If you have made this purchase on Amazon dot com and recognize it, then simply hang up and your order will be delivered to you. However, if you have not made any such transaction, you can call Amazon support right away. 184-497-3374 Extension 9. Again, the number is 844-973-3749. Thank you.
Its a whole call center call center

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I called and they said it was a CVS but I clearly heard phones ringing behind them. Did this happen to you?

We will need to confirm if this is in fact a scammer’s number. If they were spoofing the number of a real CVS, it will need to be sent to the dead numbers section so people don’t harass innocent folks. Going to try it real fast and see what I can find out.

Edit: Rick answered. I told him I had a charge on my visa, and it was from amazon. He promptly hung up on me. Afterwards, I called back and asked him why he hung up on me benchod, I want to get this issue resolved.

He proceeded to call me a 20 dollar moderchod, and we had a great back and forth with all the chod terms I know. Definitely a scammer. Number is active, time to lay waste to them and help them have a GREAT day! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

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I didn’t stay very long

nope their lying, probably because a lot of us are calling XD

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Yup, they are real scammers. Have fun with them!

And welcome to the forums! I see this is your first post. I am glad you are here! I have fallen in love with this site, and scam baiting in general. Now I just need to up my game and get off my lazy ass and install a VM on my laptop so I can really do some damage, but honestly, I feel pretty great about how much I can do just by calling and wasting their time. Remember, each second they are on the phone with a scam baiter, that is one second less they could be spending on scamming an elder or someone who is ignorant to these sorts of things.

I hope you enjoy your time here, and remember…have fun, but always make sure they are truly scammers. Using a few select words in Hindi will usually be a good litmus test to tell if they are legit or truly a scam.

agreed! I could hear the ringing in the background. They have dropped the script and went straight to “What do you need” lol!

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Today is the best day of scambaiting that I have EVER HAD, First I deleted someones files for my 2nd time only using teamviewer, then I syskey someone with anydesk SAME CALL CENTER!
wasn’t this phonenumber though

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Mad lad!

I have a very new, powerful gaming laptop. I have been debating like I said in a few posts above about taking the plunge and installing a VM and other useful tools / software to begin practicing to do what you do. I am not the most savvy when it comes to this skill set, but I have built every desktop I’ve owned, and competent enough that through some practice and research I can obtain the skills necessary to do it well. I just need to read the guides, install the software, and like everything else in life, practice…make mistakes and learn from them, and get better and better.

Thanks for encouraging me just by your posts and achievements. Truly, I really appreciate it and all that you do in taking these people out. Scammers really get my blood boiling, and I am a substance abuse counselor that deals with people on probation trying to sneak getting high and faking their drug tests! Even that doesn’t come anywhere near how angry scammers make me. I loathe them with a passion.

hehehehe I called and used sound pad to play some good toons

This is what I rec’d in my email. The guy David is a CEO of some big company. When you call the number or supposedly Amazon it sounds like a teenager with a recording go figure.

I’m gonna have to try this number