855-626-0656 syskey'd my dad

My dad found this number by googling for a support number for Magic Jack. They had him install GoToAssist and showed him “proof” he had been hacked by Mexicans over the last year. They syskey’d him and wanted $250 to fix everything. Luckily he didn’t give them any money and I was able to clean up his machine.

A quick google of that number shows it’s been associated as tech support for Spectrum, Dell, Yahoo, MagicJack, Silver Singles and Garmin.


I’m currently on hold with them, I’m going to call them as much as i can, and waste as much time as possible.

You probably know this, but I would highly advise to keep a USB with windows 10 on it in case something happens.
Bootable USB creation tool: https://www.microsoft.com/en-ca/software-download/windows10

I really wish I could do more than just waste time. Hopefully ScammerRevolts does something to them, I believe they deserve it for doing something like this. Best of luck to you and your dad in the future!


Would you happen to have a site URL he clicked on?
Sympathy to your dad good you could help him out!


Calle these people a BUNCH of times with different voices and they changed what kind of support they did every time I called so I had to come up with a new story and shit.

Seems like they’re just putting everyone on hold as I have been sitting here for 3 minutes, listening to their hold music.

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They’re back on magic jack.

Edit: I have my caller ID set to display an alias and hide my fake number, so he asked for my magic jack phone number. maybe have a number or your textnow number ready if you don’t know it, incase you encounter the same problem

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