(877) 250-9593 Fake Flight Fares

I flooded this number at 1 am last night and I’ve recently been reading up on Indian racism and if Indians are racists towards darker Indians and black people so I kept asking them if they (as in them personally) are racists and about 90% of them said yes and assumed I was black and said we don’t accept your kind here…
PLEASE DESTROY THIS NUMBER please and thank you

I use bobrtc to flood

I want to call tem but you have to tell me whats the scam, or else I dont know what to say, so tell me whats hte scam pop up or whatever

well… “Fake Flight Fares”

I dont understand, what are they saying? You have a fake flight? or are we supposed to schedule a fake flight?

they are selling fake plane tickets

ok thanks I understand it now

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wow they are annoying, I am not doing anything sus and they keep hanging up

ok so they dont really scam on call, they just direct you to https://www.smartfares.com/

they do scam on-call tell them you want to book a flight

Check out a selection of their reviews.


SR is going to delete that message ^ you need to always wait for numbers to b approved

they don’t answer the call i have been waiting for 3 minutes. did it work for anybody else??