(877) 929-3373 // tech

(877) 929-3373 ;; Nick Johnson/Jerry Johnson. He is mad because files were deleted, right now. Then calls me from (844) 702-3287 Frank William (8447023287 Nick Johnson ) – Then he showed me a website that isn’t his to claim he was from “HP Support” (he went to the real one). When I re-called they are now using fastsupport.com // but social engineering you can get them to come in through AnyDesk :smiley:

-Happy scambaiting!!

Also NUMBER pulled this; Frank William– DID some digging.

Also The Frank guy is super wierd; talks about questionable after dark websites and downloads your zip pictures if your a gal (assuming - he did this to me)


The number is still active, I called while acting like I was an automated voice, claiming to be Bank of America customer service. The dude was easily angered, it was hilarious!