(888) 344-1920 Microsoft popup FILES DELTED

on phone right now

I recorded it to
it wont let me upload the video on here…

how do you find all these numbers please tell me

go to scammerrevolts scambait guide he explains how to find numbers

The number is unreachable.

XD they mad af rn!!! (Does anybody know where I should put the video so people can see it?)
it’s only like 3 or 4 minutes

Youtube mate? :wink: haha

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm… ok but it’s only like 4 minutes
I was talking about more like on this forum or sum but i’ll do that

U can always upload it on youtube and make it private, so only people with the link can watch it. Then post the link here.

Doesn’t work anymore. Just hangs up immediately.

The files that I downloaded from this guy had 2 old people holding checks and some security thing that has no real info

How do you gain access to their computers? Can you pls explain?