A scammer who claims to have infected my pc with his malware just emailed me

So this is actually the second email of this kind that I’ve received randomly over the last few weeks. It’s probably the same guy, but he’s using a different email this time around. He managed to find out my old password which set all the alarms ringing, but the thing that is weird is that he claims to have webcam footage when I have no camera attached to my desktop at all.

Please help, I’m getting tired of being threatened by anonymous ‘hackers’. I’ve got a screengrab of the email below. I would love it if ScammerRevolts or someone would help me turn the tables on this scammer.


If its not filtered by Gmail spam which is able to filter out 99.9% of spam, then I can see why this could be annoying. I would just say ignore it but it seems that is why you are here. Anyways they probably grabbed a leaked DB and spam emailed everyone on that list with a copy paste message. I’d say there isn’t much that can be done about that other than making sure none of your passwords are the one they sent.


A leaked db? Sorry I have no idea what that is. Yeah it’s an old password which I changed on all my accounts a while back, but what bothers me is that they even managed to get my password in the first place. Don’t passwords with a mix of numbers and letters take years to crack?

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DB is short for database. Its basically where all user information is stored for a website. Most of the time when passwords are leaked, either the website was storing the information in plain text (or unencypted) or the person who broke in managed to unhash (Or decrypt) all of the information. The only attack a password strength test looks at is a brute force. Where a computer will just take a list of random combination of passwords to get in. In reality in most cases when accounts get hacked or leaked, the way the information was obtained was essentially by downloading it or what is called “dumping”. So in that case there isnt really any effort in getting the information regardless of the complexity of the password.


:yawning_face: dam, They really trying to pull a fast one. :clown_face:

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You can atually check if your email and password were leaked and how many times at https://haveibeenpwned.com/


Can I just ask, you say Gmail can filter 99.9% of Spam but all my email addresses are flooded with spam, especially my oldest Gmail address which tbh I stopped using for actual emails due to the massive amount of spam compared to genuine emails, I only keep it going because I’ve spent so much money on the Play Store that it would be stupid to ignore :rofl:
Am I doing something wrong?
I know this is off topic slightly but I have at least 4 Gmail accounts and I can show you a screenshot of just how bad it is :joy: 99.9% seems unrealistic by far unless I’m specifically doing something wrong with my accounts, but I don’t actually mess with any of the online settings so I’m a bit confused at that figure lol :joy: :rofl:

99.9% is what Google claims to get on their spam filter. I think only small percentage of people receive loads of spam in their main inbox. So it dwarfs in comparison to the number of people who don’t. Also Google uses A.I to track and block emails. So if a fresh email account sends and email to you first, Google’s filters might not pick up on it until like 3 more times of the same email being sent to multiple people.

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Lol :joy: anything to make themselves sound good I guess :rofl:

Hey…I am new to your page and I have been following your Youtube channel for a week now.
I am from India as well, but I seriously enjoy how you destroy the scammers pc’s and waste there time …hahaha.
I must tell you, you are doing a great job and I really appreciate your work man.
These scammers from India( mostly based in Delhi and Bangalore ) are just 12th pass people how knows nothing about the computers.
Also, I like to mention your Hindi curse words are pretty good.

Haha ironic , there’s this youtuber called “SomeOrdinaryGamers” he has a video called “I’m being “Blackmailed”…” he shows this EXACT message as the one you received just pointing that out , you might be interested in his video , he goes a little bit in depth of this mail scam , obviously nothing to worry about tho…

I also got some similar e-mails a few months ago. It was claiming to have my password as well.
In my case it was my linked-in password, which was not surprising as Linked-in was breached a few years ago.

But in any case go and change your password of the account they claim having your password of, better safe than sorry.