Airline Scam (America Geeks callcenter)

hey guys,
this this Skybrowser Pvt Ltd, the scam travel agency run by America Geeks aka Geeks America aka Geeks Technical Solutions.

+18884413606 (Skybrowser)
+18008191042 (Skybrowser)
+18884413605 (Skybrowser)
+18883321296 (
+18003850259 (Skybrowser)
+18883320294 (
+18882623921 (
+18884413622 ( working good

There’s multiple ways that this is a scam. Sometimes they don’t even issue the tickets, sometimes they tell one price and then later charge again. There’s many complaints on the internet if you search for igoair or skybrowser.

The American who is behind this scam is Julian Brand, actor, located in Marina del Rey, California.

Their websites: ( ) ( )

PS: today, 30th August 2018 the owner Kunal Bansal has his marriage, you can freak out the employees by letting them know :wink:

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lol maybe I’ll give em a call and ask about their good friend Kunal :joy:

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