Alternatives to youtube and twitter?

So ScammerRevolts and a few other scambaiters are on Odysee now. And youtube still works for a lot of people. But twitter is so broken that people can’t even log back in right now.

Does anyone here use twitter alternatives? Search for “scammerrevolts”.

Twitch isn’t long for this world. They keep making one bad decision after another.

I started to use Mastodon exclusively over twitter for some of my personal stuff. If somebody wants to set up a scambaiters instance on Mastodon, I’ll create an account for my scambaiting stuff. I would build it if I had the know how. :slight_smile:

I’m genuinely curious. What sorts of bad decisions is Twitch making? I literally just do my streaming thing, watch other streams, and go about my day.

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They’re going to force everyone to show 5 minute long ads soon. And they got rid of the 70/30 split in favor of the creator for some streamers.

Lots of creators don’t like playing ads because the viewers don’t like it. And most of their viewers donate so much that playing ads would be pointless anyway.

me too. I only just switched to mastodon and I love it.

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5 minute long ads? Ugh. No no no. That will kill my viewing experience, I fear. And, if they’re going to show those even to subscribers, I’m kind of disinsentivized from subscribing to creators, even though I want to support my fellow baiters.

See? One bad decision after another.

I’ve not heard of that yet from anyone. TMK, if you’re a subscriber it’s ad-free. If they ever do as you say, not only will the viewers bolt, but so too will the streamers. We see enough horseshit ads on tv, we ain’t gonna tolerate it there! Not even suckface woke Utube does that.

What issues do you have with Twitter? Seems to work better than ever for me.

people are getting banned from twitter left and right for just upsetting Musk personally.

Exactly, and I don’t want to be banned for upsetting scammers and having that offend Musk, somehow. So, someone really needs to create a scambaiting Mastodon instance.

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