Amazon (+PayPal) Support (804) 581-6191

Scammer number: (804) 581-6191
Scammer website:
Any other scammer information: Answers as PayPal too.

Found on Amazon (804) 581-6191 - Scams - Scammer Info

has been up since yesterday

I genuinely think they get offended by being called smelly I blare music at them but its only when I call them smelly little rats do they hangup

After 1 hour of constant calling insulting and blaring loud music and sex noises they figured out how to block me they’re actually stupid

This is why you have multiple phone numbers.

I tried to make multiple text nows but it decides to be goofy and not let me

I mostly use Text Now but also have Talkatone which does not work as well but gets the job done.

There’s TextFree, TextPlus, Google Voice, DingTone. Some require credits ($ or Ad views) for non-toll free numbers or all numbers. (Skype isn’t very good.)

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I like how after I complained that it wouldn’t let me it suddenly decided to let me make another account I wish I could make a botnet that would just spam call them and blare loud country themed music and godzilla roars