An idea to disable scammers PC's and operating devices

I have a really good idea to mess with scammers PC’s. We play along nice and easy, and then infect them with a worm that literally is meant to overload their main monitor, to the point sparks fly, the jolt will travel down to the scammers tower if their on their PC and then… BOOM, the scammers PC tower is fried by the overloading worm still being active, if they are trying to scam someone over phone, you can text them the worm and their phone will die, much like sticking a phone in a microwave for 1 to 3 seconds. Remember the point of the worm is to overload and render scamming devices useless scrap, NOT harm the scammer physically.

I’m pretty sure this is illegal.

what program are you intending for this overload, the only way we can affect is the PC itself, and overload the motherboard, we cannot affect the monitor (unless it is a laptop)

You’ve been watching too many movies, guy. Are you gonna create this worm? Have you discovered some new zero-day nobody is aware of yet? Maybe take a step back from Hollywood and consider some more plausible techniques.

If you want to brick the PC, the most effective way I can think of would be to flash the BIOS of the motherboard with a bad firmware image. You can’t really “overload” a CPU or monitor. For one, safety features would cause the boards to short to ground even if you figured out a way. Unless they are using ancient cathode ray monitors or you put an EMP in their office, it ain’t happening.

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Dangit, was hoping for a way to finlly brick the scammer syndicate for good.


This is Hollywood polluting your brain.

There is no way, via software, to do what you are suggesting. And if you where in the position to wire up the capacitors, voltage regulators, and whatever else it would take to get that current and route it to the monitors HDMI cable, why not just take a hammer to it? :thinking:

It IS possible to do massive damage to a PC by introducing a strong power source where it’s not expected. I remember reading about USB devices designed to do just that.

But again. A hammer would be easier, and much less shocky. :cloud_with_lightning:

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Physical damage to hardware is certainly illegal in any jurisdiction, also it will raise some flags with organizations that you might not want to be in contact with.

Take the below statements with a grain of salt, I’m not your attorney.
However, damage to scammer’s software (e.g. OS) might be quite a lot easier to get away with.
Many jurisdictions will have laws against unauthorized access to computer systems — this is your loophole. If a scammer asked (invited/authorized) you to connect to their system, virtually any action you perform is now their responsibility.
You can even, as a precaution, ask them to confirm that they want you to connect to their computer…

Also, imagine the scammers actually going through the hoops to get their local police involved to start a cross-border investigation or filing a formal complaint through diplomatic channels.
If you didn’t :rofl: at the though of this, you might be low on your Z-z-z-z’s…

I don’t mind the idea. Just needs some thought out planning!

Who gives a damn?
I seriously do not think they are going to report it.