Another Fake Bank, With Transactions

got another fake bank here this one WILL transfer between accounts, but can mess up if you refresh the bank page. while in a scam dont close it just minimize it. also after a transfer is made use the “Account” button to go back to your account NOT the arrow buttons on your browser.(this is the same for any page you go to) Also DONT put “$” when making a transfer just put the amount e.g. 5000 if you need any more info press the “Disclaimer” button whilst in the account it will bring up a menu with all you need to know…


If anybody is using this im making a spoofed google browser that will make hm financial appear on the first search page of google. ill post the link on this comment when its done… *UPDATE here is the spoofed google search:
Type in the google search bar “hm financial union” then hit google search and its the first green link… it will take you to the bank… save this google google as a shortcut to your vm desktop when the scammer asks you to open your bank use the shortcut from ur desktop

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