Another refund scammers calling script

Org file name: script gannni.txt

Download org file:

Thanh you for calling refund department…
how can i help you

yes were trying to call youand the reason behind my call is that
we are refunding you money which you have paid to our company i believe you remember that
you paid some amount to us and took some securities on your computer

Let me tell you why we are refunding money because the securities we are provided you that are no longer
activate on your computer because there are some techanical glitz in our server and we are not available to provide securities right now
thats why were refunding you the money


so let me go ahead and tell you the procser that how we will refund the money

first of all we are connect you with billing department …
and once you connect with them they will go ahead and ask you to fill up…
the verification form and which you needs to fill up your name cOntact no.amount…
which you have paid and your email address and once you fill up the form and submit at by your own
then they will go ahead and reund you the money

so let me go ahead and connect you with the billing department
please be on your computer and let me connect you with them