Another throw away popup number

Here you go peeps


Just called them and got to shivery and busted out

I was in bed watching TechScammer Revolts on my phone. Didnt even have a computer lol.

Try calling them lol. I recorded my call with them pretended to be a Chineese person lol

Number still works and its active I am on the phone with a scammer now. Lol the scammer said hello mr Charles lol I was like hi lol and he hung up lol 1 is for fake tech help 2 is for fake billing and 3 is anything else. It does not matter what choice you chose you still get connected to the same few people this guy still calls me Charles I am like wtf in my head but they first ask you to put in the last 4 digits of the number u are calling on. But I just keep flooding them so yeah have fun.