AOL Fake Support Numbers 1-844-866-3920

AOL Fake Support Numbers



I am on the phone with the second number and it he telling me to go

This site brings u to TeamViewer so I am trying to get into his pc but he is asking for my info. So now he transferred me to someone else and yeah he got so wrecked.

The guy called me back and they are making up stuff saying that my fake email is being accessed in Missouri there is a year plan for $149 and the 5 year $249. Whats going to be installed they are going to make sure I get no pop ups or anything and everything will secure. They are going to install a sonic wall firewall. Lol this guy is def trying trying to make a deal so I am going give him fake info. He wanted me my TeamViewer id and now is he letting me hit the run command, he wants me to back to the link I posted above, so I gave him the same id this guy is trying so hard to get money and get connected. He keeps telling me to close TeamViewer lol I am like sir this is only going to change the password this guy is def new I pretty much just gave it away on how much I know TeamViewer I was like why don’t u give your id and password and I will hit communicate and we can switch sides with partner and he was like uhhhh then lol he was like this is for commercial use and I was like well why dont u download TeamViewer for free and then we can do what I just said and then he is like uhhh I will call u back in 5-10 mins lol.

LMAOOOO XD they hang up on me XDDDD like i was calling they didn’t even anwsered but instant skip