Appearent Package/Phishing scam

Scammer number: 1 518 616 1131 (not verified)
Scammer website: (Zulu.z’ verified benign)
Any other scammer information:
This came in on my burner cell phone… The USPS has a problem with my address and there is a stuck package at the warehouse… I verified the link was benign, did NOT call the phone number to verify. Anyhow I clicked on the link and apparently they no who I am by giving me a tracking number and asking all kinds of questions… so I gave them all my info (wink wink) including Guido’s burner email and my burner cell number. Below is the text they sent me:

Track Packages]
Your package has arrived at the warehouse and cannot be delivered due to incomplete address information. Please confirm your address at the link.

(reply to 1 to get a secure link)
(Copy the link to your Safari browser and open it)

USPS Support Team