are yippee tech a scam company

are these people called yippee tech llc of California usa a scam company as they want access to your computer and when in there they want you to install McFee or similar anti virus,which ive found elsewhere which is a lot less money…then they constantly ring you up ,this year I see the price has gone up
any views on these people is most welcome.

If this is who I think it is they are. They also have a couple domains one being a dot com and another being dot us.

Of the legitimate reviews I could find, none of them have anything nice to say about this company. In fact, one person was claiming that this company used his name and basic info to post a fake 5-star review. Apparently the address they give leads to a roach-motel and is not an actual tech business of any kind (according to one user). I checked on Google Maps myself, and it does appear to be a hotel next to a church and across the street from a party store. The main web page was fine, but when I tried to click on a link on the web page, McAfee gave me a warning that the site may be a phishing scam, so I chose not to go any farther on this computer.

That’s just what I found in about five minutes of research.