Attention scambaiters! Reach out to remote desktop software makers

Contact as many as you’re able to.

Kitboga and Scammer payback were able to work with anydesk to blacklist all the scammers they called from using their software.

Let’s try to get as many remote desktop software makers to work with scambaiters to do more of the same.

I’m sure screenconnect/connectwise would love to be shown who’s using cracked versions of their software. If they’re too lazy to make their software less like a RAT, then we can work them from a different angle and lead them to the user accounts that are running pirated software of theirs.


Done! Contacted screenconnect and connectwise with the following message:

STOP letting scammers using your software to victimize people. Follow the example of AnyDesk that is working with Pierogi at Scammer Payback and Kitboga to stop stealing money from innocent victims. Be a part of the solution, not the problem.

Let us know what they say. I hope it’s better than what i got from Wix.

Now on to team viewer, ultra viewer and supremo control